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   Acoustic Guitars



New Available Guitars!!!

Ready to ship!!!

                  Master Grade                Honduran     Rosewood B&S     

               Master Grade  

                Rose Sitka Top 

               Small Jumbo 

       Hide Glue Construction 



    Master Grade Tasmanian                  Tiger Myrtle B&S

    Master Grade Adirondack                  Red Spruce Top

                Small Jumbo


      Hide Glue Construction




          Rare Fallen Giant 

Back & Side sets available in a very limited supply!!!

Call 314-229-8529 for info and photos
Select/Rare Gorgeous back & side Sets to select from!!!

       Ancient Sitka Tops          (extremely limited inventory)

Intense Bear Claw, Blue Luna,

Rose Sitka, Quilted Bear Claw, and Master Grade non-figured Sitka Spruce Soundboards.

   Select one for your Custom          Sahlstrom Guitar!!!

           See Gallery/Woods                      tabs/Facebook for updated  photos   





Sahlstrom Guitars

Sahlstrom Specials!!!


Custom Build Promo's...

$4000+ premium on Ancient Sitka Tops

(VERY Limited sets-Don't wait!!!)

Free Knee & Rib Rest

$149 Pau Abalone Rosette

$189 K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Pick-up

Complementary Graphtech Nut and Saddle


        A "Holy Grail" Sahlstrom Guitar            Can Be Yours!!!


           Call or Email                      



You can choose the body style, back and sides, soundboard (top), all of which can be customized and depend on your personal style and how you play.




Owning a handmade, custom instrument (guitar, violin, mandolin, ukulele, etc)

gives you a feeling like no other!



Expert advice/consultation awaits you.

What tone/sound are you looking for?

What style of music do you play (finger style, strum, etc)?

Are you looking for a collectible or a player?

How about an aesthetically beautiful piece t

hat plays to your strengths?


What wood suits you best?



Our strong relationships with the suppliers of

the finest tone woods on earth

allows you to select the perfect match for

your individual style, needs and desires.


Choosing/designing Your world-class instrument awaits You!


Customized build choices are available.

You can also make special build requests. 



You only live once. 


You can, and should own your special dream instrument

!Base price (includes Arm Bevel, Soundport, and more) $8500 USD 

Many, many incredible back & side sets, soundboards necks, fretboards,

and other options to chose from!






Calls and e-mail inquiries are welcomed. 


Exclusively using STRINGJOY  Strings!!!



Ancient Sitka Tops/soundboards

Sahlstrom Stringed Instruments




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