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Joel Sahlstrom

Joel earned a studio arts degree from Bethel College in St. Paul Minnesota. Joel sees art in many forms. The “sound” he has refined has come after tedious trial and error.


Joel’s attention to detail, experimentation with bracing, and working with numerous tonal characteristics has contributed to what has made Joel a sought after Luthier all across the United States and Canada.


Joel credits his time with Master Luthier James Olson as a turning point in his career. Since then, Joel has created guitars that have a comfortable, “old friend” feel to them.


Joel’s artistic background has led to the aesthetic beauty that his handmade guitars are also well known for. Joel has also built custom violins and ukeleles.


Joel welcomes custom build requests.


If you’ve been searching for that “sound,” desiring that “feel,” and wanting a world class, gorgeous guitar, you’ve come to the right site.


When asked which of his guitars he considers his finest, Joel most humbly replies, “I haven’t built it yet.”


The next best Salstrom Guitar should be yours! Have a question for Joel? Contact him here.

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