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Build Schedule


Our current wait time is approximately 6-12 months. We try to adhere to the given delivery schedule, but occasionally unprecedented things come up that may cause a delay in the build schedule. If there is going to be a significant delay we will do our best to promptly inform all parties affected in a timely manner to let them know where their build stands. The build time of each individual guitar is roughly 6-12 months from start to finish.


Deposit & Payment


A 25% non-refundable deposit secures a place on the wait list and locks in your order at the current prices. Upon completion of the guitar final payment is due prior to the shipment of the instrument. Payment can be sent via check, wire-transfer, or paypal. Should paypal be the payment method of choice, then the customer is to cover any fees associated with the transaction. In instances where there are custom inlays or highly exotic woods, a higher deposit may be required.


Refund Policy


For commissioned instruments, we offer a 3 day grace period to "test drive" the guitar and make sure it meets your expectations. Should the guitar not meet your expectations, you need to contact us by phone at (314) 229-8529 to arrange for a return and refund. We strongly recommend fully insuring the guitar on its return journey. Provided the instrument is returned to us in its original condition, we will issue a refund minus the shipping costs and deposit once we have checked the guitar. The refund policy does not apply to guitars that are customized in such a way that would exclude most potential buyers; however, we will notify you before the build process begins if such restrictions will apply to your guitar.


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Sahlstrom Stringed Instruments come with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner against defects in materials or original workmanship. The warranty is effective for as long as Sahlstrom Stringed Instruments is in active operation. Upon notice of any defect, Sahlstrom Stringed Instruments will either repair or replace, at their option, the defective part or material. The original owner shall assume and pay the cost of all shipping charges or postage. Any unauthorized repairs or alterations will void the warranty.


Exceptions to this warranty include:


- Normal and expected wear and tear

- Damage from accident, abuse, or neglect

- Damage from extreme temperatures (outside the range of 45°F

- 90°F)-Damage from exposure to improper relative humidity (outside the range of 40% - 55%)


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